The ‘K.Yairi’ “Direct Coupled Bridge”, aka the “DCB”

{ . . . . . that’s innovative ideas put to practice . . . }

The patented original ‘K.Yairi’ guitar bridge design, the “Direct Coupled Bridge”,is quite a unique rethink of traditional steel-string guitar bridge design.

It sets apart from the conventional design twofold. Obvious difference is the improvement of the actual
anchoring of strings behind the bridge. The bridge pin anchoring device is given extra strong support by a base plate mounted on bottom side of the soundboard. Highly unlikely chance of this construction to make the”lift-over-time jump-off”, frequently experienced with the traditional type design.

Above; and the fact that the actual bridge piece sits directly on top of the soundboard (akin to the violin bridge system), makes for a maximum transfer of string vibration energy to same. This further encouraged by a slightly steeper than conventional string angle, between bridge / string anchoring point.

So, very functional , and yes – it’s got the looks !