‘K.Yairi’, necks for their steel string guitars, construction details

{ . . . . . and why more qualified experts tell us : they’re just the best ! . . . }


This fact address several critical issues simultaneously :
Outlined area must feature the most coherent properties with respect to stiffness and structure.
This in order to provide a well balanced counterweight to string tension on tune-up — and — to enhance the inherent tonal resonance and sustain of instrument in question.
Benefits are ultimate support as you play, your action and style will be endorsed, letting you concentrate on just rabbing
that sweet tone !


‘K.Yairi’, joining the neck/body of standard steel string models

  – the joint is made in traditional ‘dovetail’ style, still acknowledged as the best practice. In order to fulfill it’s function, a dovetail joint must be made with ultimate precision . Which is why this job iis carried out by some of the most skilled craftsmen at the Yairi factory. Handcraft at it’s best; this is indeed.